Veronica Chewens Photography: Blog en-us (C) Veronica Chewens Photography [email protected] (Veronica Chewens Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:59:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:59:00 GMT Veronica Chewens Photography: Blog 120 120 Greene County Chamber of Commerce | 1st Women in Business for 2016      The Greene County Chamber of Commerce puts on a quarterly Women in Business meeting for a night of inspiration, motivation and fun. Tonight's speaker was Christel MacLean, an award winning entrepreneur, consultant, public speaker and current owner of five businesses.

     This amazing event was held at the Downtown Bistro located at 5-7 Mansion St. Coxsaxkie, NY Downtown Bistro is beautiful with great food, atmosphere and staff.  Thank you to the Greene County Chamber of Commerce for putting these event on.


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[email protected] (Veronica Chewens Photography) Christel MacLean Downtown Bistro Coxsackie, NY Greene County Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Thu, 28 Jan 2016 15:00:00 GMT
The Story Family | Summer 2015 CE6A3532CE6A3532 CE6A3427-aCE6A3427-a CE6A3440CE6A3440 CE6A3448CE6A3448 CE6A3457 copyCE6A3457 copy CE6A3457CE6A3457 CE6A3464 copyCE6A3464 copy CE6A3465 copyCE6A3465 copy CE6A3467 copyCE6A3467 copy CE6A3471 copyCE6A3471 copy CE6A3472 copyCE6A3472 copy CE6A3473 copyCE6A3473 copy CE6A3474CE6A3474 CE6A3476 copyCE6A3476 copy CE6A3477 copyCE6A3477 copy CE6A3482 copyCE6A3482 copy CE6A3483 copyCE6A3483 copy CE6A3492CE6A3492 CE6A3498CE6A3498 CE6A3500 copyCE6A3500 copy CE6A3502CE6A3502 CE6A3503 copyCE6A3503 copy CE6A3507 copyCE6A3507 copy CE6A3508 copyCE6A3508 copy CE6A3509 copyCE6A3509 copy CE6A3531 copyCE6A3531 copy CE6A3538 copyCE6A3538 copy CE6A3542 copyCE6A3542 copy CE6A3547CE6A3547 CE6A3572CE6A3572 CE6A3575CE6A3575 CE6A3592CE6A3592 CE6A3601-bluryCE6A3601-blury CE6A3615CE6A3615 CE6A3628CE6A3628 CE6A3628-aCE6A3628-a CE6A3629 copyCE6A3629 copy CE6A3633 copyCE6A3633 copy CE6A3636 copyCE6A3636 copy CE6A3650 copyCE6A3650 copy One_Large_Five_Small_Grid-aOne_Large_Five_Small_Grid-a StoryStory

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COXSACKIE-ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL PROM | 2015 triptych-exampletriptych-example CE6A1872aCE6A1872a Diptych 4Diptych 4 CE6A1928CE6A1928 CE6A1946CE6A1946 CE6A1947CE6A1947 CE6A1972CE6A1972 CE6A1965CE6A1965 CE6A1937CE6A1937 CE6A1897CE6A1897 CE6A1961-wpCE6A1961-wp

[email protected] (Veronica Chewens Photography) Best Friends Coxsackie Athens Prom Coxsackie High School Prom Prom Prom Date Spring Prom Wed, 29 Apr 2015 02:52:50 GMT
Music Together | Athens NY ]]> [email protected] (Veronica Chewens Photography) Music Together Thu, 26 Jun 2014 13:27:21 GMT AMELIA | CATSKILL, NEW YORK | NEWBORN AND BABY PHOTOGRAPHER      Meet Amelia!  She came to the studio a little over a week ago and is such a beautiful little baby girl!  I just adore her beautiful thick hair and her perfect complexion.  She was such a dream to photograph.  She was awake on and off for her session, but we were able to get some great shots!  I love how sweet and petite her little face is!   I have said it again and again, but she is so beautiful!!! BlogBoard-1BlogBoard-1 BlogBoard-2BlogBoard-2 BlogBoard-3BlogBoard-3 BlogBoard-9BlogBoard-9 BlogBoard-5BlogBoard-5 BlogBoard-4BlogBoard-4 BlogBoard-7BlogBoard-7 BlogBoard-6BlogBoard-6 BlogBoard-8BlogBoard-8 BlogBoard-10BlogBoard-10 BlogBoard-12BlogBoard-12 BlogBoard-13BlogBoard-13 BlogBoard-1-1BlogBoard-1-1

Time for a nap!!

[email protected] (Veronica Chewens Photography) Baby Catskill Newborn Newborn Photographer Wed, 28 May 2014 18:39:48 GMT


Dance as if No One Else is Watching

IMG_2323IMG_2323 IMG_2327IMG_2327

Ballerina Girl

IMG_2313IMG_2313 IMG_2315IMG_2315 IMG_2314IMG_2314

"We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams." 

IMG_2334IMG_2334 IMG_2328IMG_2328 IMG_2331IMG_2331 IMG_2329IMG_2329

”You don't have to know about ballet to enjoy it,

all you have to do is look at it.”

- Edwin Denby



[email protected] (Veronica Chewens Photography) Tue, 29 Apr 2014 12:19:13 GMT

IMG_1935IMG_1935 IMG_1937IMG_1937 IMG_1941-8x10IMG_1941-8x10 IMG_1943-8x10IMG_1943-8x10 IMG_1944IMG_1944 IMG_1946IMG_1946 IMG_1948-b&WIMG_1948-b&W TriptychTriptych IMG_1955IMG_1955 IMG_1958IMG_1958 IMG_1962IMG_1962 IMG_1963IMG_1963 IMG_1967IMG_1967 IMG_1973-8x10IMG_1973-8x10 IMG_1976-8x10IMG_1976-8x10 IMG_2049aIMG_2049a IMG_1989-b&wIMG_1989-b&w IMG_1995IMG_1995 IMG_2102IMG_2102 IMG_2108IMG_2108 IMG_2115IMG_2115 IMG_2139IMG_2139

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The DiBiase Family - Hudson, NY I had the pleasure  of photographing the DiBiase family who are absolutely amazing!! They are just beaming with love and kindness with a  daughter who is ready to walk down the runway any day now. (what a natural) What a great weekend for a family session at the Olana State Historic Site. 



[email protected] (Veronica Chewens Photography) Beautiful Colors Family Hudson, NY Fri, 01 Nov 2013 10:42:12 GMT

[email protected] (Veronica Chewens Photography) Catskill Catskill High School Columbia County Greene County Portrait Senior Portrait Mon, 07 Oct 2013 14:58:47 GMT
Adirondack Balloon Festival 2013      They say the Adirondack Balloon Festival is a MUST SEE EVENT, well they were right!!  This would be my first time going to this event and I was very impressed.  All the photos on this blog were taken Friday evening at Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport in Queensbury, NY . The weather was absolutely amazing but the wind was threatening the balloon flight.  As the evening progressed I started seeing balloons being stretched out and attached to their baskets. Right before sunset the wind died down and the balloons started to inflate. As I stood on the runway snapping photos, I was in such awe as one after another began to fill.

     I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. This is an event that I will NEVER want to miss!

First Balloon to fly!

[email protected] (Veronica Chewens Photography) Adirondack Beautiful Colors Festival Hot Air Balloon Mon, 23 Sep 2013 13:49:30 GMT
Advance Auto Car Show - Catskill, NY

[email protected] (Veronica Chewens Photography) AdvanceAuto Car Show Catskill, NY Classics Tue, 03 Sep 2013 06:42:01 GMT
Naturals! - Purling, NY I had a photo shoot with these two amazing young ladies.  It was as if they were behind the camera their whole life. Despite the rain and mosquito's we had a lot of fun!  The pictures say it for themselves.  Enjoy!


[email protected] (Veronica Chewens Photography) Sister Portrait" portrait colors Thu, 29 Aug 2013 03:03:34 GMT
Aiden & Bentley - Purling, NY I had the pleasure of photographing these handsome twin boys while visiting with their grandparents.  



Loving the rocks!

Humm..... Let me see how these rocks taste A little mommy time. A little Mommy time. Daddy can have some time too. To end the show, we will stick Aunt Danette and Knox in here.

[email protected] (Veronica Chewens Photography) Catskill, NY Family Twin Brothers Sat, 17 Aug 2013 03:40:39 GMT